Title: Alekhine’s Gun
Publisher: Maximum Games
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2/29/16
Overview: Set during the height of the Cold War, Alekhine’s Gun is a stealth game with a historical setting. You play as Agent Alekhine, a KGB colonel who’s gone rogue during a nuclear standoff in order to help the CIA. As you explore the multiple routes and hidden rooms in the game, you’ll use all the tricks of your assassin trade to succeed. You’ll don disguises, execute silent takedowns, and use poison, firearms, knives, garrotes, and other weapons to accomplish your goals. In order to save the world from nuclear annihilation, you’ll have to infiltrate enemy bases, steal documents, eliminate conspirators, and stage the kinds of “accidents” that are anything but. If you dig the world of superspies and intrigue, you gotta play Alekhine’s Gun.

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