Title: Bust-A-Move Universe 3DS
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: 3DS
Release Date: 3/27/2011
Bub and Bob journey into the 3D world with a new universe of puzzles for you to solve! Bust-A-Move Universe 3DS features classic Bust-A-Move pop n’ drop play in a dynamic new 3D setting. Solve challenges a round at a time by popping bubbles and making them drop in Puzzle Mode. Tell Bust-A-Move how much you can handle in Challenge Mode, where you can go for 100 seconds, 300 seconds, or keep the puzzles coming until you make them stop. Franchise stars Bub and Bob will welcome familiar fans and newcomers with the same easy-to-learn mechanics that have made Bust-A-Move an endearing choice for puzzle-solvers.

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