Title: Captain America: Super Soldier
Publisher: Sega
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 10/25/2011
Overview: Take up the shield and play an original storyline featuring a comic-book legend and true American icon…the original Super Soldier, Captain America! The legacy of Cap is built on straight-up heroic action, so get ready for free-wheeling hand-to-hand combat and highly-combustible action sequences. Infiltrate a massive WW2 installation run by the villainous Red Skull, defended by his army, and hiding the twisted creations of mad scientist Arnim Zola. Use Cap’s shield as an aerodynamic super-weapon, defeating enemies with precision attacks, acrobatic maneuvers, and super-human strength. Battle some of Marvel’s greatest villains in this iconic saga set at the crossroads of the Captain America movie and the Marvel Comics Universe.

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